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I get a lot of material: Dealing with people. My literary heroes: Hunter S. 

Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Chuck Palahniuk, John Irving (anything 

pre-1994), John Fante, Ken Keysey, Knut Hamsun, Philip Roth to name a

These guys struck a chord with their readers. They offer humor  -

ridiculous, comic and completely over the top.  Obviously I've

nothing on these big literary hitters and their achievements, but I figured

it would be practical to send up a flag, fly my colors and say: "Hey! 

How you doing? Please take a look around and see if there isn't

something familiar here that you may like the sound of." So if you enjoy

the themes and references writers such as the ones mentioned here and many,

many other writers may use then read on…

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"I charge a flat rate per day. Bullshit’s extra. If there's any bullshit, I’m gonna find out. And you know how I’m gonna find out? I'm a detective.”