Insert Chassis Albuquerque: About


Apart from referring to himself in the 3rd person, Chassis Albuquerque suffered from a speech defect as a child – when he spoke, he continuously lied and to counter this habit was given a typewriter by his parents and began to write. As with a lot of writers, most of what he writes is drawn from observing interactions and experiences twisted and machined into some sort of believable fiction.

“My life’s full of them, outrageous exaggerations, I write because no one believes what I say."

Often asked where and how his creative process comes from, well, as with most things these days, it's China.
Quite religious about writing, he always writes facing south, usually toward Spain...

Chassis Albuquerque currently lives in London with his wife and baby daughter. He's on a tight budget both financially and emotionally, committed to a diet (Low Carb) and learning Polish - this is unrelated to anything literary, he just thought to mention it.