Insert Chassis Albuquerque: The Butterfly Effect - Chapter 10: "Literary Interlude"

The Butterfly Effect - Chapter 10: "Literary Interlude"

And now for a very brief literary interlude (or you can skip it): Downtown Tokyo - an old woman slips and shatters her hip, making a sound like ice splintering; this had little to do with Wolffe, it’s just theatrical observation. As is: Children playing out in the cold streets and frozen parks. They engaged themselves in the same traffic jam childhood experience as everyone else, attacking with tremendous hostilities what was left of their childhood with whatever means - by land, by sea, by air and any available co-ordinated social means. Just harmless fun their playful war messing about in the snow, poking fun at winter but already engaging that conflicted passing season into adolescence and the terrible, inevitable progression of having reached their maximum design capacity and malforming into an adult.
Childhood's death, what’s happened that they would become what we are now, too adult for the swings and slides and the merry-go-rounds and the wild, wild rides still spinning in our heads where every day is war.
Childhood’s remorse?
Childhood’s a small island sanctuary floating amongst the great continents of adulthood you leave and can never return to that we long for when it’s being too late for too long; largely there’s no way back.
Wolffe thought about his missing brother.