Insert Chassis Albuquerque: December 2017

How I Got My Millions.

When I was 17 our town was cut off from the rest of the world for 7 months and 17 days - true story.
As are all my stories.
But I shouldn't have to remind anyone of that.
A giant electric rainbow, of the magnitude never seen before, engulfed the town, preventing anyone from entering or leaving. It blacked out all communication with the outside world (except for TV reality shows, for some reason we were able to receive those), too.

Gone Fishing.

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In a drastic change I put to sea.
Drastic, because people were looking for me, people I didn’t care to associate with. I had to take a Leave Of Absence, take some time to come my senses and come up with a plan. Rather than bore you with the details, let’s just say it really says something about a man when even a dog has no sympathy for him.

The Robot Riots

My back was to the wall. They were coming, there must have been at least three, maybe four I figured.
They were a gang.
And they were armed.
Related imageI could hear the gunshots from other incursions nearby. People were screaming, people were dying. I sipped my tea, wondering what to do. That’s right, I’d brought my cup of tea with me when the rebellion started. It had been a gradual, steady crescendo in reaction to the appointment of robots as bankers - you would've thought this was a safe bet, but people didn't trust them. And then they'd discovered even the goddamn robot bankers were crooking the books, hiding money offshore and fucking around with interest rates to the detriment of the man on the street just to try and get their commissions.
Well, the city may have descended into chaos but I preferred to keep some order about me.