Insert Chassis Albuquerque: November 2017

Stories From Space - Earwax...!

Related imageSharpie Vin Diesel, handpicked from a pool of reality TV competitors by a worldwide TV audience to be our first ever astronaut. From our sponsors, Sharpie also won: A small, imported 2-door car, gym membership for a year and a free mobile phone contract for 24 months for any calls made between the hours of 11pm - 7am. Sharpie – according to his bio - was also highly skilled in: Picking up drunk women from bars he frequented, as well as being able to make French toast (this “skill” may have been extended to the women he picked up). The TV show was an overwhelming success. We drew a worldwide TV audience numbering in the gazillions - practically unheard of these days, apparently. Anyway, that’s what we had, an astronaut who could pick up women and was okay with toast.

Dangerous Times.

Driving home it was dark.
The cab-driver stares, straining his eyes in the rear-view mirror at me. I can tell the wreckage on the back seat of his cab clearly bothered him. He’s probably seen all types of fares, but never one like this. He watches: I’m crawling and drooling about on the floor of the cab, almost under the seat-well; I pull my tongue and slide off the seat to the floor, a side-effect of the hallucinogenics they injected - you know, in order to help get the truth out of me.
Or maybe it was the unmarked car following us all the way he’d spotted that made him nervous.