Insert Chassis Albuquerque: The Very Old, Old Man.

The Very Old, Old Man.

Image result for old age signHe sees himself, an out-of-body experience. He’s hallucinating and realises he’s so tired he’s just looking in the mirror; so he took a long, long look: Tarnished grey, the colour of a very sad old man's hair.
“I’m just an old, old man getting older the longer I stick around.”
Well, that’s life for you. The requirements listed are:

1)    You get old
2)    Become disagreeable
3)    Maybe suffer dementia
4)    And definitely refuse to accommodate anyone

It's not that he’d chosen to become irritable, have extreme mood swings and hallucinations (and possibly need a little psychiatric hospitalisation), it’s just he'd been living comfortably all this time when in just a few more years time, further demonstration of Life’s built in obsolescence and depreciation, he'd probably be:
1)    Eating his own shit
2)    Unable to cross the road without assistance
3)    Forgetting his name
4)    And where he’d been

Yes, how dim the lights become as the years move by, dim, dimmer and then no more. Life's a very slow sun descending forever to sink below the horizon of all you’ve done.
“Death, I’ve done nothing to you, and yet here I stand and wait, at your beck and call...? I’m 176 years old! Goddamn, I remember when hydrogen was first discovered in the sun...!”
Getting older you have all these other complications, too - you're going bald, you need your eyebrows shaved, nose and ear hairs tidied up, things you'd never of thought of when you were younger.
But there’s advantage, too: An amazing feature, not only was he getting older and more decrepit, but someone was stealing his memories of minutes before - the elderly, they take more liberties and live to never have to remember them.
Everyone he ever knew was dead.
Or dying.
Staring in the mirror he could almost touch the horizon now and wished for the debilitating madness of dementia, the euphoria of déjà vu, the limelight of never having to remember or give a goddamn shit - just a few more years, just a few more...