Insert Chassis Albuquerque: The Customer - Or: The Asshole.

The Customer - Or: The Asshole.

“What's your best price?” the customer asked.
“Best price?” 
“Hmm, I see - let me check with my colleague,” I said and signalled him to come over. “Got an asshole over there who wants a best price,” I said conspiratorially.
Immediately my colleague also said: “Hmm - best price is the price you see, sir.”
He looked at me and grinned – I grinned back at him. We agreed: The customer was an asshole. The customer said: “Yes, but what's the best price? I don’t want to go someplace else or online when I can buy it here already.”
Fantastic! Let me take your money...!” I said and presented an invoice for details.
“Yes, but what’s your best price?”
“Ah! Well, what you see is what you pay. You eat beans...?” 
The customer nodded unsurely. 
“Well, you wouldn't walk into a Costco, grab your can of beans and then ask the cashier, `Say, you got a best price on these beans?’ ”
Of course the customer disagreed, arguing that that was completely different. 
“It’s not any different – you agreed they're a store, aren't they?” 
“Yes. But I live locally, I want to support your local business, not COSTCO!” 
Excellent! We accept your offer!”
“But what’s your best price!
“You concur you want to support local business and not COSTCO – the price is what you see! By the way, it’s not supporting local business at all when you’re trying to extort discount on the basis of customer loyalty and good will.”
“You’re not going to give me a best price...?”
“You already have the best price – see...?” both my colleague and I said and pointed at the price tag. “Now, how'd you like to pay – Visa or Mastercard...?”