Insert Chassis Albuquerque: Train Observations

Train Observations

I was on the train.
Further along a couple, engaged in morning ritual, arguing.
"Why aren’t you talking to me...?" the woman demanded.
The man tried explaining but she wouldn’t believe him and was insulted. Practically apoplectic she kept shouting angrily, "I can't hear a thing! Why aren't you saying anything! You’re talking but I can’t hear a thing you’re saying...!"
"I meant nothing by it, I was just listening to the engine of your thoughts missing a beat!" the man replied.
Such great fanfare over such meaningless empty romance. Other commuters tried pretend they weren't in the middle of something unpleasant and looked at the floor or their newspapers or reflections from the carriage windows.A security announcement advised passengers and commuters to be on the alert for and report anything suspicious – I saw something suspicious, that goddamn man and woman, the guy kissed the woman goodbye as she got off at one of the stops. She said, just before the door slid closed on her face and thoughts and crushed her words: “Please don’t be late tonight, again.”
That was not so suspicious, just remindful.
But at the next stop another women got on and the man kissed her hello, too - suspicious. It might have been his sister but then, Holy Jesus! if he didn't slide his hand right up her skirt but she slapped it away and said: “I don’t think I should be made a fool of for all the wrong reasons...!”
I guess she'd smelt the other woman's perfume on him or something.
“Are you sure? I'm not suggesting all out humiliation...” the guy said.
“Well, you don't have to!”
“Yes, but I can't agree with you. If you like we can take some time out and do a proper, thorough investigation to discover all the right reasons – would that suit better?”
They, too, started arguing; that asshole's life was one long argument and right at the centre of it all was pussy. Everyone just take a look at this complicated schematic below - importantly you'll notice that no matter how much time you spend trying to understand it, it will never make any sense. 
And that's the pussy for you, man, it will never make sense. 
So either love it or move on.