Insert Chassis Albuquerque: The Butterfly Effect - Chapter 12: "Their Wife"

The Butterfly Effect - Chapter 12: "Their Wife"

Their wife.
Tainted from the start, they were doomed to failure due mainly to differences of opinion. And she was Chinese, very difficult to reason with, as is anyone who eats dogs and cats.
“There's a reason people shouldn't eat cats - they make nice pets. You wouldn't eat your child, would you…?” Wolffe had asked her.
“French eat snail and frog, what that say ‘bout them?”
She’d a very stereotypical Chinese accent.
“It says they produce fresh produce and aren’t above economizing during times of austerity,” Wolffe had replied.
She’d an inner-beauty and was good in the sack, which is what men ultimately prefer.
Still, she’d thrown Wolffe out on the street.
They’d taken it well, under the circumstances of all these cultural difficulties; she’d bought a parrot for company.