Insert Chassis Albuquerque: The Butterfly Effect - Chapter 11: "Alcoholic Wife

The Butterfly Effect - Chapter 11: "Alcoholic Wife

There only two kinds of assholes in the world – the kind you tolerate and the kind you marry.
Wolffe was in a local bar shooting his mouth off saying provocative things like: "Reagan's a communist." It was the wrong time to be saying things like that, people’s minds were still fresh with the 1981 Iran hostage crisis.
The barman kept a weary eye on Wolffe, who he recalled as consistently being a problem.
While Wolffe took peculiarly great pleasure in asking the barman where his wife was when they both knew they’d divorced just a few years ago and, in fact, Wolffe was currently married to her.
“Fucked your wife recently...” Wolffe said to the barman.
“Oh yeah…?” the barman said.
“Still fucking her, you know, not so much these days, but marriage can do that to a marriage.”
There’d seemed no point the barman engaging Wolffe’s grievances. The barman knew for a fact Wolffe had entered a period of personal decline over things he’d no control of leaving him unable to stabilize his rank ambivalence for life; it wasn’t that Wolffe hated mankind, but he’d never really got on with it.
The barman said: “You want me to call someone now or after you get fucked up?”
“Let’s play it by ear,” Wolffe said.
“You outta here, pal!” the barman cried.
“I think you’ll find I’m over there by those strippers you call customers.”
Well, they were showing a lot of cleavage so the barman had hired them on the spot. Girls who showed enough cleavage often responded well to the idea they'd be paid, at some point... maybe.
"What's your name…?" Wolffe asked one of them.
"Big Breasts," she said.
"Big Breasts, you got any proof that's who you really are? And be careful, I’m a detective so I’ll know if you’re lying," Wolffe warned her.
"Well, I've got these - wanna take a look and make sure it's really me, Detective?" she said.
But before he could it became necessary for the barman - with the help of another barman - to expel him; unhinged, Wolffe refused to pay for the privilege of Big Breasts.
"Holy shit, you can't go around groping women's tits! The act of encroaching yourself upon a woman without consent is assault. Unless you pay…!" the barman said.
They threw Wolffe out on the pavement.
“Give my regards to my wife,” the barman said.