Insert Chassis Albuquerque: June 2017

21 June 2017

During the promotion of The Sundial Salesman recently I had the below disapointing response, that they wouldn't even go on a date with me, a slightly overweight, happily married, father of one and struggling writer.
So I checked out their facebook profile and, thankfully, can report the following - they must be a COMMUNIST!!!
And also available for dating...
Not the reaction I was looking for, but very funny and made me laugh anyhow...

14 June 2017

Served All day

I went to one of those places where they serve "BREAKFAST ALL DAY", as long as it was before 11am - what's with that? By the time the waitress appeared it was just past 11am and refused to take the order. We had a massive argument and she called the manager and she also refused the order. Pretty soon the owner wondered over to explain her policy: "Breakfast's served all day as long as it's before 11am - there's a sign stating this," she said, pointing. The three of them stared with that sense of majority women always seem to have. Goddamn typical of women to bond together when outnumbered by a man, as if by their solidarity alone it somehow added weight to their argument - it don't mean they right.
Although they were in this case.
So I had to leave, they threatened to call the police...

1 June 2017

Writing, Police And Making A Living...

It’s that time of the month, not in a menstrual sort way, that’s not what I mean at all. It’s just a saying like: “First Contact Will Be Our Last Contact” (a vague reference to the tagline from a new book shortly to be released). Anyhow, it's these small differences that widen the misunderstanding between us and I just wanted to clarify what I meant: I’m doing a new story post, which I hope to do monthly from now on. It’s also worth mentioning (apart from the tremendous amount of lying I do), generally I'm a very unqualified source or information so I'd double triple cross check everything I ever say, so please remember to keep that in mind.