Insert Chassis Albuquerque: All Dead

All Dead

All dead. Those guys in the photo there, they were great writers, guys who could make you laugh, and make you cry. All dead now, their last words? Hunter S Thompson left a note for his wife titled “Football Season Is Over “ before he shot himself. Allen Ginsberg said "Toodle-oo!" according to Ken Keysey, who was there when he died; Keysey himself died of complications, medical in nature, but nothing specific. F. Scott Fitzgerald was asked if he wanted anything and, just before he died, he said Hershey bars would be good enough for him. Things you should be aware of: There are no new stories, only new writers. Those guys in the photo - Bukowski, Thompson, Kerouac, Roth, Ginsberg, Keysey, Salinger, Fitzgerald - they already knew that. So time for someone new, someone who can make you laugh, and make you cry.